About Land for Sale VA

Advance Land and Timber has a long history in real estate experience.

Mark McMillan brings twenty five years of experience in timberland insurance, moving among the largest international timber companies, associated corporate interests, large private land owners, small forest product producers, loggers and timber management groups. Mark has developed a wealth of contacts in these areas which led to a direct working relationship with the Banking industry. As a consultant for Farm Credit, a subsidy of AgBank, Advance Land and Timber is able to directly provide competitive financing which not only helps marketing but helps "close" at point of sale. Mark currently sits on the Board of Forest Resource Association providing unparalleled contacts with many of the major players in the timber industry.

The Marketing Process

There is nothing that compares to "Face to Face" personal contacts with the most prominent individuals and corporate buyers of real estate. Marketing starts with a direct mail campaign to contiguous ownership, then quickly broadens to use of geographical community and selected metro areas identified as "prime sale areas" where direct personal calls are made to targeted professional groups. Mark McMillan's years of contacts in the timber industry help us get quickly to local timber interests. Advertising in a varied format of newspaper, real estate and sporting/trade newspapers as well as distribution of our company "flyer", containing investment quality timberland information, insures your property is exposed to the maximum number of potential buyers.

Why Invest in Timberland?

Possibly you, as well as many others were swept up in the allure of rapid gains and "paper profit" in the stock market. But many were late entries or perhaps long-term investors who bet this overpriced stock market climb only to see it disappear. Sustainable Forests What many people did not realize is that land investments were also turning the same high returns, only they were secured by land which would not go away in the stock market crash. The ability of land to go up on value will never go away as long as the human race continues to reproduce and affect supply and demand. Now add to that a quality stand of timber producing double digit returns, possible development in future highest and best use, and something as simple as peace of mind: walking, living, hunting, fishing on your land as it grows in value... And you should see why a call to us is a great decision for your investment future. We can show you how to make five, ten, or twenty year investments which suit your individual needs. Timberland Investment not like your Father's Growing trees for profit is not a new business.

What is the Difference?

The nutrient loaded super-tree seedlings and the high quality of Southern pine plantations produced by years of research and development by all of the major timber companies. Higher volume produced on less acreage, improved thinning and harvesting techniques, and qualified merchandising to production mills all help to lead us to big profits in the new pine plantation.

At Advance land and Timber- It is our job to find high quality timberland investments that fits the specific investment needs of our clients. Once these investments are made we can have our staff of associated foresters assure your investment reaches peak timber production by focusing on tree quality.

Land Resources Available Throughout the Southeast

Advance Land and Timber has developed tremendous land resources available throughout the Southeast part of the United States. Current investment opportunities are outstanding but will not be available long as institutional investment firms, banks, and long standing timberland investors snap up available tracts. We have outstanding timberland, recreational land and investment opportunities in SC, NC, VA, MS, and LA from 25 acres to 250,000 acres.